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Watch this space to know of upcoming events.
If you would like to be kept updated on all the events at the library, send us a mail at kmgl-blr@easylib.com
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Coming Up!

StoryKamp by Kathalaya for 7 - 10 years old

Date: 1st Apr
Time : 11.30 am- 1 pm
Age: 7 - 10 years
Venue: Easylib, Koramangala


This summer, Kathalaya brings to you a camp of a different kind! StoryKamp replete with stories that promise wonder and delight keeping childen at the centre of learning. Stories that are an affirmation of the human spirit!
Storytelling has been an ancient methodology of making concepts interesting and has not diminished through time. Kathalaya has revived this ancient knowledge through modern ways to revive and make learning interesting again in schools. The stories have been so chosen as to rejuvenate the child’s sense of wonder and lead him/her to reflect and seek answers in a stress free environment. These stories are bound to open the doors of true knowledge for children.
Each session has been planned for 1.5 hours to make learning wholesome and to help children Listen, Retain, Recall and Retell while reinforcing them through Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

To register for the camp, please contact 9538752230, or click here.

Charlotte's Web - Imagining with Language

Date: 4th Apr
Time : 11.30 am- 1 pm
Age : 8 - 13 years
Venue: Easylib, Koramangala
Fees: 300/- per head


Charlotte’s web is workshop that would assist children to put words to their thoughts, ideas and their imagination. The emphasis would be on encouraging them to explore their imagination and use it in their writing. This is the first workshop in this series and it focuses on poetry. The child should be able to write on her own.We prefer to use the term facilitation. The child would be exposed to the different ideas. They will be provided stimulation and opportunities to explore and implement what they are learning. We will have individual and team based activities.

Register for the event here.

MathsBaron - A workshop in High Speed Mental Mathematics

Date: 13th Apr onwards
Time : 11.30 am- 1 pm
Age : 9 - 13 years
Venue: Easylib, Koramangala


A fast paced workshop focusing on building concepts and vedic maths techniques to develop speed, accuracy and cognitive skills. The workshop is highly helpful in developing analytical , cognitive and mathematical skills in the children. The workshop includes worksheets and all the workshop material, tests and practice exercises.

Workshop takeaway
1. Increases problem solving speed upto 10 times.
2. Highly beneficial for all the competitive exams including NTSE, Math's Olympaid , GMAT, GRE, CAT etc.
3. Alleviate the fear of maths from children through innovative techniques,
4. Building skills like intelligent guessing and enhancing the child’s memory power.
5. Worksheets are mapped to child's age and class
6. Interesting concepts like why honey combs are hexagonal in shape , why certain flowers grow in algorithmic series etc.

Register for the event here.

Art Train Summer Workshop by Cilre

Date: 20th Apr onwards
Time : 10 am - 1 pm
Age : 8+ years
Venue: Easylib, Koramangala


AArt Train is one of a kind integrated learning workshop series for children above 8 years that exposes children to science, technology and art together to bridge the gap between creative and scientific thinking.

Following are the list of workshops that are part of the art train workshop series.
Botany through Sketches/Painting
Physics through Toy-Making
Chemistry through Potion-Making
Mathematics through Tarot Cards
Electronics through Fashion
Visual Communication through Animation
Emotional Awareness through Theatre
History through Games
Waste Management through Designing
Data Analysis through Cartography
Politics through Stories

Register for the event here.

Just Over

Creative Writing Workshop on Personal Narratives

21stMarch 2015


Creative Wrinting workshop was a big hit with children . Children learnt about the 5 elements of sensory writing, brainstormed ideas and came up with a small story from their experience. Big Thanks to Rachel Rueckert for conducting the workshop
Pictures here.

Stories from Here and There by Storipur

14thMarch 2015


What a fun evening it was , story of chipku chipku chipkali was loved by the children and had the adults laughing in fits too. Here are pictures from story event by storipur. Thank you Storipur for a super fun evening!
Pictures here.

Epic - A storytelling session by Cilre

7thMarch 2015


What fun children had as the Saturday evening was full of stories and activities. Chilldren heard stories where alphabets made appearance , animals in a jungle and of a bear through the stories they learnt importance of handwork , perseverance , determination and how to be helpful to each other. They had fun doing colouring and making a pendant for themselves which they got to take home.Thank you Cilre for a wonderful evening.
Thanks to Cilre for conducting the session and many thanks to all the children who joined the session
Pictures here.

Dollmations - Puppet Making Workshop by Cilre

7thFeb 2015


It was a full house at EasyLib on 7th Feb. Easylib hosted a workshop on puppet making by Cilre. Children learnt to make finger puppets, hand puppets and sock puppets. It was wonderful to see children concentrating on getting the googly eyes positioned properly. They were proud to show off their creations at the end of the session.
Thanks to Cilre for conducting the session and many thanks to all the children who joined the session
Pictures here.

An evening with Ashok Banker at EasyLib

1stFeb 2015


He came - He saw - He conquered. Thats the only way to describe the event with Ashok Banker at EasyLib Koramangala. < br/> Ashok is the easiest person to talk and one of most interesting too. He talked about his childhood, how he developed an interest in mythology (enough to write a nine volume series of Ramayana) and his journey as an author. He talked on various subjects - ranging from hindu mythology, reading habits of younger generation, difference between the Asian and Western ways of story telling & learning and so on. The audience gobbled up every word he had to say and heaped him with a ton of questions. If it were not to the flight that Ashok had to catch, the session would have gone late into the night.
We could not have asked for anything more. Thank you to Ashok and to all the patrons who attended the event. Pictures here.

From OUCH to OOPS - Author RamG Vallath at EasyLib

17thJan 2015


Talk by RamG Vallath motivational speaker, mentor and author of bestselling book "From Ouch to Oops" kept the audience engaged. His talk reinforced the belief that anything is possible if you believe in it. Pictures here.

MASKS - Theatre and Emotional Awareness by Cilre

14thDec 2014


EasyLib hosted a wonderful workshop on Emotional Awareness by Cilre. As adults, we find it difficult to express our emotions some times. But the children that attended the workshop surprised us with the ease with which they identified & enacted different emotions.
The workshop started with a small video clip. Children identified the various emotions enacted by different characters in the clip. Then each child picked a letter and they were asked to think of an emotion starting with that letter and draw it. Many of us adults would have found it difficult to draw those emotions. But the children surprised us by their interpretation of emotions and their drawings. Then the group enacted different emotions and then applied those emotions to different situations that they were given.
Big thanks to Cilre that conducted the workshop. Pictures here.

Katha Kahani - A world Storytelling event by Kathalaya

22ndNov 2014
5 pm - 6 pm


The pictures say it all!! What fun we had! It was a packed house of children at EasyLib, where we hosted Kathalaya , the house of stories. The storytellers Anita and Parvathy narrated folktales of animals with puppets,children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the narration. A big thank you to Kathalaya for having the session at EasyLib and to all of you who attended. Pictures here.

Easy Library Koramangala Launch Event

15thNov 2014
4.30 pm - 7 pm


It was a pleasure having our esteemed guests over, as we launched another Easy Library in Koramangala, in the #NationalLibraryWeek. The authors, the books and the readers complete a universe of their own, never needing anyone or anything else, but the generous host and the EasyLib Koramangala franchise owner Chaitra made sure that we had the energy levels to chatter all about books with some yummy snacks. The auspicious opening by a legend like Reena Puri of Amar Chitra Katha, and the blessings and love of our lovable author friends Shinie Antony, Preeti Shenoy, Nandita Bose, Madhavi Mahadevan and Nilanjan P Choudhury had us basking all evening. The fun activity by the ACK team had the kids and adults interested alike, and the Veena recital by Veena Vidushi L Leela was a perfect end to a memorable evening. Thanks to all our guests for making the event such a huge success! Pictures here.

Think Outside the Pun - Seamless Integration of Humour in Writing

Saturday, 15thMarch, 2014
5:00 pm - 6:00pm


Shinie Antony in conversation with Rachna Singh, author of Dating, Diapers and Denial, Nuotial Knots, That Autumn in Awadh.

About Rachna's third book was launched in Jan 2014. It's called 'That Autumn in Awadh'. It's a romantic comedy. As in a typical romantic comedy the two lovers are young, likeable, and quite, hopelessly, meant for each other. They are kept apart by several complicating circumstance which come in vicious packets of surprising twists. Of course, there is the quintessential fairy-tale-style happy ending. There is a main plot and the sub plots that run parallel to it. In the sub plots, there are generous servings of humour, ranging from keen, hilarious observations around community life to workplace humour.

The book moves at the pace of a thriller, and the twists and turns keep the reader at his or her seat's edge. The plot, while on a theme that is common, is taut and gripping. The imagery around the cities across which the story unfolds: Lucknow, Allahabad, Mussoorie, and Bangalore is vivid, relatable and beautiful. Finally, the large scoops of humour keep you chuckling!

There is no villain in the book: it's all about coping with honour-shame.

In cultural anthropology, a shame culture, also called honour-shame culture or shame society, is the concept that, in a given society, the primary device for gaining control over children and maintaining social order is the inculcation of shame and the complementary threat of ostracism.

TAIA brings forth to the reader the struggles resultant of ‘shame' experienced by families when their children decide to marry across the lines that uphold self-esteem: class, caste, religion.

The book is doing extremely well, as early reports come in.

On writing memorable women characters : with authors Gita Aravamudan and Radhika Nathan

Saturday, 8thMarch, 2014
5:00 pm


This women's day, EasyLib welcomed its patrons for an interesting session. Authors Gita Aravamudan and Radhika Nathan shared their thoughts and experiences on what it takes to write strong women characters.

About Radhika Nathan
Radhika Nathan is the debutant author of the historical romance 'The Mute Anklet'. She has been writing essays, stories and blogs for a long time, but has shared them primarily with family and friends. Her love for books, familiarity with the places that she writes about and her passion for researching have made the long journey of writing the novel interesting and immensely pleasurable.

The Mute Anklet
It's the 1790s in India. The third Anglo-Mysore War between the kingdom of Mysore and the East India Company is hurtling towards a climax. The British, having captured the Malabar Coast are lurching nervously towards Bangalore. Tipu Sultan is waging a ferocious battle.

Read more on her here

Gita Aravamudan
Grew up in a small gold mining town in Karnataka, went to college in Bangalore taught high school for a year and then somehow squeezed her way into journalism in the late 1960s when media organizations were totally anti-women.

Worked as a trainee for Hindustan Times Delhi and then at the age of 21 became a full-fledged reporter for Indian Express Bangalore…the first woman reporter in the city. Free-lanced for a long, long time thereafter from Trivandrum where she landed after getting married. Wrote for every conceivable English language publication on every conceivable subject until she finally zeroed in on gender issues. Has had long running columns in major newspapers like The Hindu, Express & Times of India on subjects ranging from urban living and art to ofcourse gender.

Has previously published 3books of non-fiction: Voices in My Blood (Sterling 1990) (translated into Tamil), Disappearing Daughters (Penguin 2007)(translated into Marathi & Japanese), Unbound(Penguin 2010) and 1 book of fiction: The Healing (Harper Collins 2008)

Her next book of non-fiction on surrogacy also to be published by Harper Collins is scheduled to come out later this year.

Colour of Gold
Colour of Gold is a mystery novel set in Kolar Gold Fields one of India's oldest gold mining towns. The unexpected death of an Anglo Indian employee of the mines, a mysterious letter from England and an Australian journalist investigating the closure of what were once the richest mines in the country.

Three seemingly unconnected strands which help uncover a century old secret which might have remained buried forever.

In the process of unraveling the mystery flits up and down across a span of 100 years, and brings alive the life and times of a special town with a special way of life which disappeared forever when the Mines closed.

Tangled Verses - A poetic Jugalbandi between Shikha Malaviya and Amruta Dongray

Saturday, 1stMarch, 2014
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Tangled Verses -

A poetic jugalbandi between
Shikha Malaviya & Amruta Dongray

An evening with poet Sabarna Roy and Nidhi Mahesh

Feb 8th

Sabarna Roy works in a senior management position in a manufacturing and engineering construction company. An avid reader and a film buff, Roy is widely traveled in India and lives in Kolkata with his family. He writes poetry to reconnect with himself. His work includes Winter Poems, Frosted Glass, Abyss, and Pentacles - collections of poetry, play, and also short fiction.

Nidhi is a dreamer. Words fascinate her and the surroundings goad her to pour out her thoughts and convictions in the form of poetry and prose. Cook and book sums up her passion.

Women in the Indian Epics and Myths

16th February, 2014
When you say Arshia Sattar and that she is going to talk about Ramayana, you can be more than sure of an erudite, enriching, and a highly intellectual session! And that is exactly what we had. Though the topic was Women in the Indian epics, it turned out be more about women in Ramayana vs Mahabharatha. Kudos to Madhavi Mahadevan for asking the questions that made the session highly intense. Sharath Komarraju's answers showed his grip on Mahabharatha and its nuances.

Author Ravi Subramanian at the lib!

Saturday 25th 2014
It was a thrilling weeked at EasyLib! Ravi Subramanian, aptly described as 'John Grisham of Banking', was with us for a tete-a-tete. Ravi read from his latest thriller 'Bankerupt' and interacted with the audience. Pictures of the event see the photos here

Meet the author Shashi Deshpande

January 18th 2014
Shadow Play - A book reading and interactive session with acclaimed writer Shashi Deshpande.
A thought-provoking tete-a-tete with eminent writer Shashi Deshpande. It was a perfect mix of light moments and serious ones. All in all, a wonderful discussion which left everyone with food for thought. This one won't be forgotten anytime soon. Was an ideal session for budding writers.
See here for event photos.

Discover a new writer - Sumana Khan

January 11th 2014
The Revenge of Kaivalya - Debut writer Sumana Khan's book has a gripping plot and fluid writing. The author read from new book followed by an interactive session.

Book Talk : Days of Gold & Sepia by Yasmeen Premji

9thNovember, 2013

This is the saga of Lalljee Lakha as he rises from his humble beginnings as a penniless orphan in his desert homeland of Kutch to amass a large fortune as Bombays Cotton King. Set against the eventful period between Indias War for Independence in 1857 and the fledgling freedom struggle of the early twentieth century, this sweeping tale is peopled by a vibrant array of characters merchant princes and maharajas, courtesans and soothsayers, pirates, freedom fighters and soldiers of the British Raj. Days of Gold and Sepia paints the portrait of a man of courage and character, and is the story of the discovery of life, the pain of a passionate and doomed love and family feuds, and of great personal integrity and human frailty.

Yasmeen Premji - Born and raised in erstwhile Bombay, Yasmeen Premji graduated from St. Xavier's College before completing her master's degree from Smith College, USA. She worked as assistant editor for the Indian design magazine, Inside Outside, for many years before moving with her husband Azim to Bangalore, India's IT capital, which she now calls home. This is her first novel.

Locks, Mahabharata and Mathematics: An Exploration of Unexpected Parallels

6th October, 2013

It was an evening like none else! Locks, Mahabharata, and Mathematics - all the three facets came alive with the words of Dr. V. Raghunathan. But, the show-stopper was most certainly the author's collection of locks! And, he was so generous that he let the audience play with the locks!

Pictures on our facebook event page

Book talk with Tilman Ramstedt

24th September, 2013
German writer Tilman Rammstedt, who was in Bangalore to participate in the Bangalore Literature Festival talked to Easylib members about his writing.

An exciting storytelling workshop for kids!

4 Sundays of September, 2013
Fascinating Storytelling workshop with Rashmi Kulkarni. In this workshop, she shared the magic of creating and telling stories with voices and bodies. All along , children enjoyed listening to stories, telling stories, and creating their own stories! Children enjoyed team work and lots of art and craft activities related to the stories in that session. All in a fun to learn way!

Book Release : 'Animation World' by Nidhi Prakash

Saturday, 14th September, 2013

Animation world is a story of two ten year old girls Anna and Sarah who see lights fall in the forest behind their home at night and go tracking them into the woods .The lights suck them into another world where things are different and look entirely animated. They explore the new world, encounter aliens and learn that aliens are planning to take over the earth and other planets. The story is about how these girls spoil their plan, save the earth and return home unscathed. The book is illustrated by Insha Ummehani, faculty at BarathiyaVidhya Bhawan Bangalore.
Nidhi Prakash wrote the book when she was a 8 year old and now she is 10. She studies at the Bishop Cotton Girl School in 5th Standard. She likes to read and being outdoors. Nidhi wants to pursue writing as a hobby.

Colors of Love : Love Stories From Mahabharatha
Storytelling for adults by Geeta Ramanujam

3rdAugust, 2013

Storytelling for adults! Doesn't happen everyday and more so doesn't happen everyday by Geeta Ramanujam. It was a mesmerizing evening when Geeta transported the audience to the world of stores. Geeta brought to life two little known stories from Mahabharatha, that of Chandreyi and Sushobhana - two beautiful women, one an eternal romantic and the other a seductress! If all of the photos of Geeta are blurred, thats only because she was not still for a moment! But the audience sat without moving a muscle!

See pictures here

Launch of 'Foreign' by Sonora Jha

6thJuly, 2013

Anita Nair's reading from Cut Like Wound

29th June, 2013

It was, as expected, a wonderful session with writer Anita Nair. She read excerpts from her new crime fiction (or literary noir as it is called) novel Cut like wound and graciously and patiently interacted at length with the audience. It was educational to hear her spoke about her method of research and her craft of writing. One aspect was clear after listen to Anita - that it takes a great lot of effort, talent, intuition, and reading to become an accomplished writer of her stature! Wish more aspiring writers had attended the session to listen to her words of wisdom, spoken so accessibly.

Rock the Talk : with Revathi Suresh & Suzanne Sangi

Saturday, 15thJune, 2013
For young adults! What a lively Saturday evening at EasyLib! An awesome afternoon of books, live music and fun activities with the authors Revathi Suresh, author of the wickedly funny Young Adult novel Jobless, Clueless, Reckless & Suzanne Sangi, 17-year-old author of the new paranormal teen fantasy Facebook Phantom

Meet the authors Zac O'Yeah and Eshwar Sundaresan

June 1st 2013
The authors read from their new books and interacted with the audience. Zac's new thriller 'Mr.Majestic' is a crime novel set in Bengaluru. Eshwar's debut thriller 'Behind the silicon mask' is a novel set in the subculture experienced by the Indian IT professional in an American setting.

Fiction Writing Workshop by author Shinie Antony

May 25th 2013

Hands on Science Club by Prity Mehta

May 13th 2013

Who says science can't be fun?

May 4th 2013

Sing-along with Arthi

April 27th 2013

Cool stories and a craft for a hot summer!

April 20th 2013

Meet the authors Nandita Bose and Rachna Singh at EasyLib

April 13th 2013
An entertaining evening with writers Nandita Bose and Rachna Singh at EasyLib! With some mouth watering lemon tarts and cupcakes, courtesy the authors

Meet the author: Milan Vohra

March 23rd 2013
Milan read from her latest book Tick-Tock We're 30 and was in discussion with Suchitra Kaul Misra.

Meet Authors Marianne de Nazareth and Prem Rao

March 16th 2013
The authors read from their new books and interacted with the audience. Marianne'e book 'Above the Rice Fields of Pilerne' is a novel set in a Goan village Pilerne. Prem Rao's 'Lucky For Some, 13' is a thriller that starts with a terror strike in Goa.

Storytelling with Rashmi Kulkarni

Sunday, 10thMarch, 2013
Who doesn't like monkeys? So adorable and so naughty! In this session, we heard the story of Babbol monkey and enjoyed an exciting Monkey craft!

Two-day fiction workshop by writer Shinie Antony at Easy Library

February 23rd & 24th

Meet the authors Manreet Sodhi Someshwar and Sheila Kumar.
Writer Shinie Antony will be in conversation with them.

16th February 2013

Insightful, thoughtful and yet entertaining and lively! That is how we would sum up the session we had with Manreet Sodhi Someshwar, Sheila kumar, and Shinie Antony. Thank you writers and all of you so-clued-in audience!

The English Translation of Sivakamiyin Sabadham: by Nandini Vijayaraghavan

22nd December 2012

Nandini Vijayaraghavan read from her debut translation; Kalki Krishnamurthy’s historical Tamil novel ‘Sivakamiyin Sabadham’ (‘Sivakami’s Oath’). This historical novel, considered by many as one of the best Tamil novels ever written, narrates the morganatic romance between the Crown Prince Narasimha Varma Pallavar and the land’s foremost danseuse, Sivakami, against the backdrop of the turbulent relationship between the Pallavas and the Chalukyas during 7th century AD in South India.

An hour of fun and frolic for the little ones : by Rashmi Kulkarni

15th December, 2012

Rashmi told the story of a happy caterpillar using her collection of wonderful props and puppets, followed by an interesting activity of making a paper butterfly. The evening ended by her reading a story from Chhota Bheem!

Roll of Honour : by Amandeep Sandhu

December 1st

Amandeep Sandhu reads from his new book Roll of Honour - a story of split loyalties of an adolescent Sikh boy studying in a military school in Punjab in 1984: Operation Blue Star, Mrs. Gandhi's assassination, riots, the hard life in a residential school.
Aman's earlier book Sepia Leaves was a story of a dysfunctional home under the shadow of schizophrenia from a care giver child's point of view.

More on Aman here www.amandeepsandhu.com

Fun with science : by Prity Mehta

November 3rd

1. A magical maze of electrical circuits

"Do not touch that plug!" Kids, how many times do you hear this from adults? You learn for yourself what goes on inside a plug point and how a switch turns on lights and fans and what not! Learn how electricity flows through a maze of wires to brighten our nights. Make your own electric circuit using wires and bulbs and test your circuits using a battery.

November 4th

2. The magical "Periscope"

What do you do when you want to see what is out there but do not want to stick your head out? Like in a battlefield, in a submarine or simply when you hear sounds outside your door? Use a Periscope! This simple mechanism which works on the principle of reflection of light lets you see without being seen. Make and take home your very own periscope from this workshop!

Don't hire the best : by Abhijit Bhaduri

October 27th 2012

Bestselling writer Abhijit Bhaduri was at EasyLib for a book reading and discussion from his new book 'Don't hire the best.' He is a multi talented writer, who is also a popular blogger and a cartoonist.

For more details about the author, please visit his page www.Abhijitbadhuri.com

Marking the 100 THOUSAND POETS for CHANGE

Virtual Event
September 29th 2012

Thank you people - for sharing your favourite poems with us. It truly makes a wonderful collection!
We were marking the event held by 100 Thousand Poets & Musicians for Change

Tea for two and a peace of cake : by Preeti Shenoy (with Random House)

Sep 15th, 2012

Those who attended Preeti Shenoy's reading at EasyLib, even the ones who braved the rain and traffic, were glad they did! Writer Shinie Antony set the mood for the evening with her initial set of questions to Preeti. Followed by Preeti's reading from her new book 'Tea for two and a piece of cake.' Well, now we have to read the book because we want to know what happens at the end!

The Q&A, IMHO, was an amazing part of the evening, thanks to a superbly clued in audience. Questions ranged from how she makes time for writing (I don't watch any TV!) to what her message to the society is (My books are about people and their personal experiences. They don't really delve on larger societal issues). Preeti being an artist was quizzed whether her art inspires her writing ("Not really. Writing and painting are two separate compartments in my life. One doesn't influence the other").Preeti is an eloquent yet a simple and straightforward writer, which reflected in the way she spoke as well. She answered questions without intellectualizing her opinions, which explains her HUGE fan base!

Pictures from the event are here


Thank you Preeti, Shinie and thank you attendees! And a special thanks to Cupcake Noggins for a lovely fare!

Have you seen this? : by Arthi Anand Navaneeth. (with Tulika Books)

Sep 1st, 2012

An energetic Arthi met her match in the young audience! The library truly came alive with screams of delight and peals of laughter! Thanks you Arthi Anand for a lovely afternoon.

Check out the photos on our facebook page

Physics behind the heart : by Prity Mehta

August 25th, 2012

The heart is an organ that purifies the blood and pumps the purified blood to the rest of the body. How does the pumping work?

The children learnt the physics behind this routine act!

Meet the author: Shriram Iyer

August 19th, 2012

EasyLib and Westland Books bring the talented writer, professional singer, and our own Bangalore boy Shriram Iyer to EasyLib on the 19th of August, Sunday at 11 am. He will share exciting 'behind the scenes' information from his new book Wings of Silence, the story of a deaf boy who aims for Olympic glory in the Moscow Marathon in 1980. Also, for the first time the book has its own dedicated soundtrack. So be prepared to be entertained and engaged with some live songs by him! Come, be a part of the amazing journey

Shriram Iyer
Bangalore-born Shriram Iyer, a management professional based in Melbourne, Australia, has authored several short stories, theatre scripts and screenplays for short films. Silver-medalist under the Shankar's International Award in 1996 given by the President of India, Shriram is also a professional singer who has to his credit an Indian pop album, Is Dhundh Mein, (released in 2007 by well-known singer Shankar Mahadevan) as well as over 400 concerts in India, Australia, New Zealand and USA. Wings of Silence is his debut novel.

About the Book: Wings of Silence
Saurav Sethi, teenage prodigy and future tennis star in the making, watches his elder brother Raj fight a losing battle in life. But father Akshay Sethi turns a blind eye, letting his elder son spiral into the depths of depression. Saurav challenges destiny and prepares to give Raj a life he deserves, but will his life-changing decision see Raj's seemingly impossible dream of running the marathon in the 1980 Olympics come to life? Or will it completely devastate the family to a point of no return? Set against a turbulent time during the cold war between the US and the USSR, the Sethi brothers embark on a roller-coaster ride that will push their courage and grit beyond all known limits.

"An unyielding story of love, relationships and hope in a time marked by war and hostility. The relationship which the two brothers share is in itself a moment of triumph."
- Lipi Mehta, Editor, dfuse.in

"A spellbinding story...the real winner in this exhilarating but tender tale is unconditional brotherly love that Shriram Iyer describes in mesmerizing and elegant prose."
- Oswald Pereira, Bestselling Author, The Newsroom Mafia

Anjum Hasan and Brinda Narayan at EasyLib

Aug 4th, 2012

An intelligent and entertaining evening with Anjum and Brinda at EasyLib.

When people started terming Anjum's first novel "Lunatic in my head" a book about Shillong, she decided to call "Neti Neti" a book about Bangalore! But "no work of fiction is precisely about one thing; it is about a lot small things" opined Anjum. She had a lot of very interesting thoughts on writing fiction and her crisp and clear talk held the audience in rapt attention.

"Employees in call centers are forced to sound positive and happy despite their personal woes, and that too in an adopted accept. This causes a severe imbalance in people's psyche " said Brinda Narayan. She was intrigued by employees losing not just their names in these jobs but their emotional bearings as well. Brinda's book "Bangalore calling" is a fictional summation of the stories she had researched as well heard during the course of her career as a quality consultant for call centers.

The evening ended with the audience quizzing the authors. Questions ranged from why we are bothered by the death of regional languages to how and why people adopt accents.

View photos of the event here

Book reading and talk by Zac O'Yeah and Nilanjan P Choudhury

June 16th, 2012

Zac O'Yeah and Nilanjan P Choudhury : Two comic geniuses and authors of bestselling novels.
"On a sleepy, humid afternoon, an expectant audience waited for some therapy in the form of laughter. They received that and how! Comic geniuses Zac O'Yeah and Nilanjan Choudhury snaked their way in through the tantalising piles of books at EasyLib.com and regaled the audience with their droll wit." Read more from Isha Purkayasthathe's Report in The Hindu here
More about Nilanjan and his novel:
- The Hindu
- Book Rack

Meet the author : Amitabha Bagchi

June 10th, 2012

We has a wonderful morning with Amitabha Bagchi at EasyLib on Sunday morning. The audience floored yet another writer with your brilliant questions! Thank you Amitabha. Your witty, thoughtful, and truthful answers had many in the audience turn your fans. A big thank you Sudarshan of Gloschol for introducing the writer and MC-ing.

A terrific 5 day creative writing workshop at EasyLib

May 21st to May 25th 2012

A wonderful 5 day creative writing workshop from 21st to 25th of May at EasyLib. A big thank you from EasyLib to Shinie Antony for conducting the workshop. Team @Amar Chitra Katha, @Vinayak Varma (Team Brainwave magazine), and @Abhishek Majumdar truly made the workshop memorable and worthy for participants.
Children for their energetic participation even on the 5th day.
Rupa Publications sponsored the prizes for the writing contest held as part of the workshop. Pictures

EasyLib and Puffin Books Sponsor Read-A-Thon 2012!

April 12th to April 25th

Read-A-Thon is a free reading program that encourages children to read for pleasure. Conducted over a period of two weeks, this has been a hugely popular summer contest at EasyLib. Children can read books from anywhere. The idea is for them to read as many books as they can in two weeks. The one who reads the most wins the prize!

What is Read-A-Thon?
It is a reading contest to promote reading for fun among children. It has always been a hugely popular contest at EasyLib, with hundreds of children participation and writing reviews! It is an activity conducted world-wide by libraries and schools to encourage children to read, now brought to Bangalore by the online library EasyLib.com and Puffin Books India.

Prizes were distributed by Children's writer Poile Sen Gupta on May 19th. She also addressed and interacted with the audience.

Meet Dr. Vijay Nagaswami

Date:April 29th

Dr. Vijay Nagaswami, well-known Chennai based psychiatrist and author of many best-selling relationship books - 'The 24x7 marriage', 'The Fifty-50 Marriage', and the latest being '3's A Crowd' etc

What a morning! We were all floored by Dr. Nagaswami's witty and insightful talk. Author Shinie Antony had a very lively interview of the author. And the audience were great as always with their thoughtful and intelligent questions. Dr. Nagaswami has conveyed that he found this to be one of his best audience!

Press reports here and here

Hands-On Science Club by Prity Mehta

April 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Prity Mehta presents the sunny side of Maths and Science to children with hands-on experiments on interesting everyday themes


  • Day 1: The Chemistry Mystery- Chemical and Physical changes of substances in cloud formation. Make your own cloud!
  • Day 2: Work that Brain!- Innovative problem solving techniques through Sudokus. Techniques to improve logical and lateral thinking.
  • Day 3: Flywheel spindle- Inertia, vision and colour mixing all get explained in one experiment!

Tete-tete with Ashok Banker

18th March, 2012

Ashok Banker is not only a prolific writer but an avid reader and an intellectual. We had a very enjoyable tete-a-tete with him. In his own words...
"Vani, all at EasyLibrary, and everyone who attended, thank you and hugs from Bithika and myself for making our Sunday morning in your beautiful city such a delight. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and the intelligence and enthusiasm of those who came and joined in the tete-a-tete was really great. You have a great library too and to sit in that 'forest of stories' with so many fellow book lovers and talk about books, writing, mythology and so much else was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Thank you and I hope to come again someday. Love from both of us. "

Book reading and discussion: Jahnavi Barua, Samhita Arni, and Shinie Antony

March 3rd, 2012

EasyLib celebrated Women's Day early by bringing together three female authors who have written powerful books on women past and present. There was a lively discussion at the Easy Library premises on Kaberi from 'Rebirth' who creates her own path in life, Mira from 'When Mira Went Forth and Multiplied' for whom revenge falls flat, and Sita from 'Sita's Ramayana' who narrates the epic in her own voice.

Amar Chitra Katha/Tinkle Quiz

21st January, 2012

Conducted by The Amar Chitra Katha team as a tribute to the late Mr. Anant Pai, the creator of Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle.

Evergreen Myths by Darius and Arati

30th October, 2011

Darius (RJ Fever 104) and Arati (Director, Tarantismo Dance Company) did a fabulous book reading at the library.

Intensive 2 day Workshop on fiction writing

October 15 - 16, 2011

Conducted by writer Shinie Antony.

Story telling by Beatriz and Enrique


Spaniards Beatriz and Enrique enthralled children and adults alike at Easy Library.