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EasyLib Franchise

EasyLib currently in

  • Koramangala (Bangalore) - help@easylib.com
  • Rajarajeshwarinagar (Bangalore) - 7795703248
  • Shaikpet (Hyderabad) - 7799055960

Interested in starting an Easylib in your Area?

Your interest in taking up an EasyLib franchise shows that you are entrepreneurial, smart, and a book lover! If so, you are at the right place. We are looking for people who can spread a love for reading.

On your quest to become an EasyLib franchisee, you will experience immense personal growth and gain invaluable management skills. A huge perk of this enterprise is that you will get to be with books and readers, who are a very nice lot! And all along the way, you will have the support and guidance from us and the nuggets of knowledge we can offer.

EasyLib's walkin-or-login is a proven business model. The care we take in choosing and cataloguing our books and servicing our readers has been an integral part of our growth and success. We also recruit our franchisees with the same care. You will not be just our franchisee, but our partner. We will grow together.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for a book lover. As long as there are readers, there will be libraries and the harder you work at keeping those precious readers happy, you will do well. We will help you achieve that. What we have learnt by trial and error over the past twelve years, we will offer that learning to you when you partner with us.

There are not many franchisee options in this industry. Compared to one or two others, our fee structure is quite a bit lower. That is only because we believe that reading is a noble hobby and we need more people to keep that alive.

For More Information To get more information about the EasyLib®'s franchise offer, please send a mail to franchise@easylib.com with your phone number.