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Easy Library Membership and Usage Rules

Who is eligible?

Any adult, or a child with the permission of his/her parent/grandparent, can become a member of Easy Library if they have

  • a residence postal address in India and
  • a residence phone number, a work phone number, or a mobile phone number

Easy Library reserves the right to accept, reject, or discontinue membership at its sole discretion. Membership is for personal use only and is nontransferable. No member may re-lend items borrowed from the Library at any time.

Payment Terms and Membership Fees:

By subscribing to a specific membership plan, the patron is explicitly agreeing to pay the reading fee attached to the plan according to its frequency. Any non-compliance with the payment terms in spite of 2 reminders will attract penalty of 10% per payment frequency on the amount due and may lead to cancellation of membership.The details of the reading fees are available here.

Reading fee paid in advance is non-refundable. In the event a member does not renew his/her subscription in the stipulated time, Easy Library reserves the right to adjust the deposit amount towards the reading fees. Easy Library reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership of any member for non-compliance, with the deposit being forfeited if the outstanding dues exceed the deposit.

If you desire to cancel your membership, any outstanding fees and the cost of any books or magazines borrowed by the member that are damaged or lost will be deducted from the deposit amount and the rest, if any, refunded to the member.

Delivery and Pickup :

Delivery charges vary from centre to centre, and depending on the distance of the delivery location from the library. Please check with your librarian for details. However, the following rules shall always apply:

1. If pickup and delivery are scheduled on seperate days, the charges will be levied.

2. Any delay in delivering a book due to absence of members to receive the book from the courier service will be included in the total borrowing period and is the responsibility of the member. Any delays in picking up the book due to absence of the member to hand over the book to the courier person is the responsibility of the member. Any resulting overdue charges should also be borne by the member.

3. Please note that the library will not automatically pick up the books. If you reserve the next set of books, then when the new books are sent to you, you can return the books. If you would want to only return the books, then please send us an email or give us a call to schedule the pickup.

Borrowing periods:

A book can be borrowed normally for a period of 1 month. If on a monthly plan, patrons need to pay the monthly subscription fees to renew the book. If a book is waitlisted by another patron, the library will recall the book after 2 weeks of borrowing. Some new and bestselling books will have shorter borrowing periods. Children's books are treated the same way as other books.

New Magazines can be borrowed for only 3 days. Older issues of magazines can be kept upto a week.

Penalty for loss of Books:

Lost books will result in a penalty of TWICE the value of the book plus any regular borrowing fee. Members can choose to replace the book within 10 days or pay the penalty.

Penalty for damage of books:

Penalty imposed for damaged books starts from 20% the book value. The actual penalty amount is decided by the librarian. If the book is unfit to be lent out, then it will have the same penalty as a lost book.

Reservation policy:

A reservation can be made for any available book and the reserved book must be picked up within two days of making the reservation, including the day the reservation was made. Books reserved before 4 pm will be delivered within the next 3 business days to most locations.

Waiting lists:

If a book is not available, a member can join a waiting list for the book. Members will be notified when the book is available. A member may leave a waiting list at any time.

Cancelled reservations:

A member may cancel a reservation before 10 AM on the day for which a reservation is made. Any cancellation or failure to pick up or take delivery of a reserved book after 10 AM on the day will be ignored only under genuinely unavoidable circumstances. If a member cancels reservations repeatedly or for frivolous reasons, Easy Library may impose a penalty.

Membership suspension

Easy Library allows membership to be put on hold provided the member has completed a minimum of 3 months' membership period. To avail this benefit the member has to give the request in writing or through their registered email at least 5 days prior to expiration of the membership. All books and magazines should be returned to the library. The member will not be able to use the library during the suspension period. To resume the membership, a minimum of one months subscription fee needs to be paid.

Payment methods:
Cash on delivery:

The books you now reserve will be delivered to you with in next 3 business days with a commitment to pay by cash to the courier.

Cheque on delivery:

You can mail the cheque to us or arrange with us for a pick-up of the cheque for a small fee. However, the books you reserve will be delivered to you upon encashing the cheque. Please make the cheque payable to "Easy Library"

Cash at the library:

If you pay by cash at the library, you can check out the books of your choice immediately.

Cheque at the library:

With payments by cheque, you can check out books only after we encash the cheque.

Fee for unrealized payments:

Any bad or bounced cheque will result in a penalty of Rs. 25 plus any penalty imposed by the bank or clearing agency on Easy Library.

Fee for inactivity:

You will be charged Rs. 25 per month account re-activation/closing fee beyond two years of inactivity. We will deduct this amount from your security deposit if the amount is not tendered.

A member who has not complied with the above terms and conditions will not be able to make a reservation or borrow any books from the Library. For example, members who have not paid penalties or have kept books longer than 28 days will not be able to use the Library services.

Easy Library reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions. All active members will be notified when a change is made.