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Ravi Subramanian
bestselling writer

EasyLib is the most well and passionately run library in India!

Anuradha Pati

Libraries represent easier and a less expensive way to access books, and also that certain common provisions of a society. Libraries have played a vibrant role in community engagement in the past and continue to do so in smaller cities. I have always had access to a library, so when I moved to Bangalore, I began looking for one. The nightmarish traffic of Bangalore made it impossible to go to a library to pick up books, even though that experience is so good. That's when a good friend suggested Easylib and I subscribed to their annual plan. I had a lovely time, hassle free, online ordering and smooth delivery and pick up of books. It was quite coincidental that in few months of my moving to Hyderabad, Easylib also started in Hyderabad! Richa is a wonderful engaging library manager. She understands books, an avid reader herself, is able to suggest different books, and its fun to share your impressions of the book.

Library gives me an option to try out authors am unsure of, opens up many new perspectives. Easylib has a growing and varied collection of books. This has been a lovely experience. My best wishes to the team.

Rajani Kumar

There are libraries, and then there are libraries.

Sometimes I can’t believe that I’ve been a member of Easy Library for less than a year; it feels like I’ve been with it forever! The credit for this goes to Richa, the librarian who puts the “easy” in Easy Library. Earlier, I had been with another library for almost 3 years and visited the branch umpteen times. Yet, I am sure that the librarian wouldn’t have known me by face, forget about knowing what kind of books l like and rent. I was probably just another member there.

At Easy Library, I feel Richa already knows the kind of books I like. If a book I’ve requested is unavailable, she sends a similar book or something she knows I would enjoy. All this, with me visiting the library in person just once.I think this personal touch is what makes my experience with Easy Library so enjoyable.

Samvida Venkatesh
16 years old, Member since 2001.
(National Level Spelling Bee champion, 800/800 in the Subject SAT in Literature, and 10/10 CGPA in the 10th - High achiever and an avid reader.)

It's mid-morning. Clutching my father's hand I walk into this strange building that is filled with books of all colours, shapes and sizes. I am immediately drawn to a big yellow one, and kick up quite a racket to keep it for myself. That was my first time at EasyLib, nearly eleven years ago. Nothing has changed since then, except maybe the number of books. I can safely compare EasyLib to a best friend, considering the hours I have spent within its homely confines.

A library is a magical place that exudes an aura of learning, contentment and peace. I have always left the library with a book that I stumbled upon quite by accident, and then couldn't stop raving about. Words cannot explain the comforting aroma of yellowing pages, the texture of an old leather-bound hardcover as you caress it, or the connection you feel with someone who's issuing the book you just returned.

And of course, reading doesn't just broaden your horizons, but it transports you to places that do not exist anywhere but in your own head. It lets you savour a Butterbeer in Hogsmeade while jumping into a hobbit-hole with Bilbo Baggins. It opens the doors to the cold mysteries of Narnia and the exciting journeys of Camp Half-Blood. Your first crush could be on Alex Rider, your best friend might be Mia Thermopolis. Who cares if they're imaginary? They're yours.

So here is the 101 on reading from an expert (um, yes, that's me):

  1. Pick up a book. Go ahead. Any one.
  2. Open it. With reverence. Fine, fine, you can flip it open too.
  3. Read it. Yes. Do you still remember how to?
  4. Finish it. No half-and-half business.
  5. Congratulations! You are now a reader.

Anita Nair
(renowned writer, member since May 2005)

Why do readers seek libraries? Apart from the obvious reasons of that they help make reading affordable and do away with clutter of unwanted books mounting in one's home… the most important reason would be that they expand horizons. Genres seldom explored become accessible; new authors are discovered, new styles appreciated… At Easy Lib, I saw this happen to me - my reading expanded. And it wouldn't have been so if the book list hadn't been as splendid or as varied as it is.

Congrats! May your shelves house a million marvelous books! "

Darius Sunawala
(Former RJ, Program director Fever 104 FM)

I owe a great deal to EasyLib.com. They've made a wonderfully varied and excellent selection of literature so easily accessible that I have no excuse but to become an avid reader once again. Apart from the ease of receiving and selecting books, the other activities that Vani organises are a boon to the future generations of readers and writers!"

Himanshi Gupta
State topper in English in the UNSW (University of New South Wales) assessment!

Hello EasyLib team and Vani,
I am very thankful to you. Himanshi is an avid reader and borrowed so many books from Easylib. You contributed a lot in her achievement. Thanks a lot.
(Mona Gupta, Himanshi's mother)

Vasanthi Hariprakash
(TV & radio personality)

It was a pleasant discovery one fine day two years back when I heard of Easy Lib. I remember thinking to myself, "wow, so I don't have to even go to the library to choose, renew, return books?". I didn't need any further convincing to register as member. Also, the entire process is easy for even a kid to browse through and choose the favourite book.

And since then, Vani & her EasyLib have been my book-angels. I also love the fact that Vani makes an extra effort in reaching out to children with interesting activities over the weekend. Besides, taking active feedback in book titles to be added to their collection.

In this day of severe time crunch, efforts like Vani's need to be celebrated for keeping alive the joy of reading the printed word. Thanks lady for getting my life back to book! "

Gayatri Yamijjala
online member since 2009

I am a member of easylib and borrow lots of books from it. My kid waits for his "library" books (He is five now) and I am happy to have found this great library which provides books at your doorstep.

Rushab Shah

12 books in a month!!!...Took me to so many places and so many experiences...thank you Easy Library Hyderabad...I am loving it!!!

Senthil Nathan
Member since Oct 2003)

If you think people don't read much or that the library experience can't be made interesting, you are mistaken. You would be in for a lot of surprises if you drop by to Easy Library in Koramangala. It is not your musty, old and impersonal library. It is lively and evolves with the interests of its customers, thanks to Vani. You can see that she loves doing it.

If you are not sure just check if any other library in Bangalore or even in India which lets you suggest books, reserve books, browse through the catalogues, etc through the internet, delivers books to your home, has story telling for your children, gives an opportunity to talk with writers and has discussions on philosophies. It is one of the rare occasions where you can say 'Your search ends here', and really mean it."

Vandana Pandit
( Member since 1st July 2001 (our very first member!)

I first met Vani (proprieter) of Easy Library (henceforth referred to as EL) before EL was started. When she mentioned she was thinking of starting India's first Online Library I was both happy and intrigued and decided to become a member then and there! I was certainly not disappointed! EL is a cornucopia of literary delicacies. Vani is a superb 'chef', one who is vastly knowledgeable about almost every book there is to read in the library! The dedicated staff ensures that books reserved online are promptly delivered/collected from the members which is great if you are home bound and want a good read!

The icing on the cake would surely be the book reading sessions regularly conducted at the library wherein prominent authors read excerpts from their latest books and have an enjoyable tete-a-tete with the members. Also, its a great way to meet up with other book-a-holics.
All in all I would say that I made two great friends when I became a member- EL and Vani Mahesh and not necessarily in that order!!

Way to go EL!!!! "

Sangitha Krishnamurthy
(Member since Sept 2002)

After discovering Easy Library, it is impossible for me to go back to any other library or any other manner of functioning. I read an average of a book every two-three days. The collection at Easy Library is just right in its variety and in the way that Vani listens to members' recommendations. Also, you get to read the books you recommend first!

With time and traffic constraints in Bangalore, I love the delivery and pickup at the most nominal rates. My enthusiasm for books, in the pre-EasyLib.com days, would lead to my consistently checking out tons of books and consistently forgetting to return them on time. I have paid enough in fines to fund a few libraries! Here, I can login at any bizarre hour and get my book requests in and get them promptly. Thank you, Easy Library - both on behalf of my wallet and my spouse! :-)"

Ravi Gurnani
( Member since May 2002)

To me, the library is functioning well and the service is more than satisfactory... The book-collection is wide-ranging and phenomenal... Whatever has been missing, I have quite frequently recommended...and to my happiness all the recommendations have been honored as well :-)

So, all in all, it has been a great experience with easylib!! thanks and all the best!!"

Anil Kumar Gupta
(Member since October 2001)

It has been a wonderful experience to be a member of EasyLib.com,I have been able to read the latest and best in fiction, magazines which otherwise are very difficult to come by. Folks managing the library are very friendly and helpful. "

Surabhi Jha
(Member since August 2001)

The name of the library says it all...it's just so "easy" to read books with Easy Library. The complete booking and delivering process has enabled me to keep in touch with all kinds of books which were so difficult to access earlier. Today there is hardly anytime to visit a library to select books. With EasyLib.com, I am able to read very regularly because reserving a book at EasyLIb.com is a quick task.

Before this, I usually had to buy the latest books of my favourite authors as no other library had such an up to date collection and this kind of diversity. The service is very friendly. If I'm not in a mood to think of what i want to read, i just ask the staff and most of their suggestions are good. Vani's write-up on chic-lit opened another arena which was so much fun to read...Kudos to the library team to make reading so pleasurable and easy!!"

Mallika Galagali
(Member since October 2001)

EasyLib.com is one of the best things that can happen to a bookworm...I not only spend hours delightfully nosing through the many, many, many books on your shelves, I find it so convenient to shoot off a quick online request, with door delivery and pickup, when I don't have the time to spare. Heads I win, tails I win! Vani and team, must say you guys have always come through with the books I most want to read, and have managed to entice me to read some that I would not have otherwise considered....just wish I could have managed to attend your many poetry and book readings. Rock on!